I-5 Startup Project

Passion: The fire within to be great, to do great things. From the first day I started at FirstString, I knew I had passion for startups. I haven’t stopped loving it since then.

The Interstate 5 Startup Project was my first attempt at doing something great, take in knowledge, then share that knowledge. San Diego, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Portland, Seattle, and even Vancouver: The I-5 freeway runs through all of them. Each region has a startup core that tells its own story. From the innovators, the Godfathers, the VCs, new and old startups, and advisors; there is a community bond within the startup region that breathes passion and my goal was to share it and bring it to life.

I did countless interviews with startups all over the West Coast. I traveled on Geeks on a Train (PDX-SEA-YVR) to head up to the GROW Conference with the Dave McClures of the VC world. I met with the ZipWhip folks who are doing great things in the text messaging and cloud world in Seattle. In Vancouver, I met with a first-time entrepreneur who quit his daily office job to become CEO of his friend’s startup. In the Silicon Valley, I met with the Teens in Tech Labs founder who’s helping teen entrepreneurs¬†reach their goals. Back home in Los Angeles, the Silicon Beach has been in full effect and the diversity of mobile development¬†have continued to grow. I met with entrepreneurs from the sports industry, SaaS, entertainment/fashion, etc.

In the end, the project was not completed. A partnership that never happened put my project on hold. Also, budget issues (something no entrepreneur has ever uttered). Through it all though, my passion is still there.

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